April 10

Keeping a corn snake
We are keeping a corn snake in our room
as a pet, he doesn’t have much va-va-voom!

He is a fascinating creature nevertheless
though we were surprised that even he makes a mess.

He drinks lots of water, we’ve only seen that once
and he eats a mouse a week but he never goes and hunts.

His food is carried in by hand very solemnly
and placed gently in his habitat quite ceremoniously.

He wastes no time in eating his lunch
it takes less than ten minutes and there is never a crunch!

The mouse is swallowed from head to tail
his deliberate, silent, motion does not fail.

We’ve watched him eat! He’s not the least bit shy
he ate his mouse and then drank his water dish dry.

Last weekend, he began the process of shedding his skin.
This morning, I saw it lying on the opposite side of him.

Yes, it is fascinating to have a snake like Jim
except when I have to clean up after him!