July 23

Opportunity does not always knock
Fear’s road is grueling.

It does not support motion.

It has only one fork.


Which consequences do I take?

If I move toward the fork – what will happen?


Remaining motionless on fear’s road is certain



                a standoffish, unapproachable

            band of brothers.


A static life on fear’s road

            transforms the unacceptable,

          the intolerable,

                the unbearable……..

                   to comfortable.


Change is an ordeal.

No energy to put forth the effort when the body is drained.


Move toward the fork away from fear – what will happen?

It is a risk

            a gamble.


Would anything be better than what is in front of me now?

If I do not move, I will not know.

To find something….anything better

my foot must be forced to take a step.


I must be braver than I thought.


Others stay behind

                afraid to make an effort.


Others watch the long, ruthless process

almost hoping for failure

not wanting to accept success….

            another’s success would only magnify

their own fear to make a move.


Much later, in the middle of the fork in the road, an OPPORTUNITY!!

I turn to look at the band of brothers.


I am walking,


changing and being changed.

Fear will have to catch me if it can.