October 2

West Dallas

Above is a video about the school where I teach. It is an awesome place and I am so blessed God lovingly placed me there (take a few minutes to watch it and you will be blessed too).  This year, West Dallas Community School (WDCS) is celebrating its 15th year serving the community of West Dallas.  Last Thursday, our school held its annual Fall Fundraising luncheon. We have been praying  for God to move the hearts of the people attending this luncheon to give and give in a mighty way. We wanted God to be glorified above all else.  You see, we at WDCS know that God has us in the palm of His hand and lovingly keeps us there day by day.  As I write this entry, I do not know how much the people gave, but I do know that whatever it was, God will be glorified.
As a matter of fact, he already has!

I was so honored to co-escort 30 first grade students to the luncheon. They had been practicing a recitation of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17) daily for several weeks.  I was in charge of 15 of the students, making certain their shoes were tied, all the spots on their uniforms were washed off as best as could be, they had all gone to the restroom, had a snack, were lined up in order and lead on and off the stage.  It was a very small task, but one I am so honored to have had.  I just wanted to be at the luncheon and see what God would do.

The time came for our first graders to recite. They marched in and took their assigned places on the risers. I stood on the sidelines watching, praying and reciting it with them. The lead teacher, Mrs. Lopez, raised her had to give the signal to begin. The room was silent with anticipation. I closed my eyes. Thirty, six and seven year old students from the 8th poorest district in the United States began to speak. I heard one voice, I heard every word, no mistakes. Suddenly, I knew God was with us. He had filled the room with His presence. Those children looked as though they could conquer the world with the word of God. I began to cry. I tear up now just remembering it. They finished speaking. They stood like statues in their places while the crowd rose to its feet and gave them a standing ovation. I walked over to lead them out quivering from the worship that had just taken place. It was over. We all loaded up on the bus and went back to school.

On Friday, I asked my students what the best thing about their luncheon experience was. I love first graders! They are so honest. Some said they loved watching the elevators moving up and down from our viewpoint on the third floor. Some said they loved being in the elevator. They all said they loved reciting in front of so many people. Finally, I had to bring the discussion to a close and chose one more student to share. I felt again that God was in the room as she shared what she liked the most about the day before. She said, “I liked how God blessed us so much that we didn’t make any mistakes and He blessed us so we wouldn’t be afraid.”