June 2

Velvet the geckoThe last animal we had in our classroom was Velvet, the velvet gecko. This gecko comes from Australia and looks like it has two heads. Of course, this is for protection and camoflage and it was fascinating for my first graders to watch it for the last few weeks of school.

I’m sorry to say that for me, Velvet, as a pet, was a just about as exciting as Charlotte. This gecko is very shy and stayed inside its hiding log most of the time. Although, we did see it eat some of the new batch of crickets one Tuesday morning. That was the highlight of observing Velvet. Even observing lower-key animals it surprises me how much I have added to my own love of nature during the past year. I have never really liked having pets, but it has truly been an amazing experience watching them every day.

What have I learned from these animals? I’ve learned that God is in every detail of our world. Every breath, of every being from the large to the small, from the high to the low, from the rich to the poor, from those things that can be seen with our eyes and those things that cannot be seen, but are present whether we see them or not.

God is. God is truly unfathomable. His ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts (Isaiah 55:9). He is worthy of my praise, worship, devotion. He looks at every detail of my life and watches it, cares about it and loves me with all that is in Him just as he does with all things.

Because of our nature studies this year, I can’t get enough of creature documentaries. I watched one called “Microorganisms” three times about two weeks ago. I saw it by myself first and was fascinated so I had to get my husband to watch it with me. We then went out to see our grand girls and watched it with them (7, 5, 2 ½).  They were all just as fascinated as I was. And I watched with just as much enthusiasm all three times. It has been so much fun to instill this same love for all things in nature to my grand girls. They are always looking for some creature for me to “study” and/or take to school to show my kids.

All of nature is supposed to bring us into a higher awareness of God, make us more in awe of Him and want to worship Him. I would say it has done this for me, I hope it will do the same for you.