January 20

Charlotte the tarantulaWe’ve had a tarantula in our room for the last three weeks…….. Her name is Charlotte. We had a cornsnake for several months before Charlotte and we all loved him. Charlotte, however, is a different story. This spider is so boring. She moves, but we never see her do it. She eats live crickets, but not when we can see.  She drinks water. The only way we know this is because her water bowl gets empty. If you ask me, I really think it just evaporates.

Every morning I come in the classroom and check on Charlotte. The first time I did this and couldn’t see her in the habitat, I was afraid she’d somehow gotten out. It literally took me five minutes to find her in there. She is so dark that she is very hard to see. Her surroundings in the habitat are very dark too and that adds to the difficulty of finding her every morning.

I never dreamed a tarantula would be so blaah. Next time we get an animal, we are going to get the two headed lizard or something fun. I do not want the iguana or one of the parakeets, but the lizards and snakes are the best for me. They are fascinating to watch and easy to keep.

So, I say Charlotte’s is not an amazing creature. Oh, I guess I have to take that back. She did shed her skin once and that WAS something to see! We were able to feel how fuzzy she is all over. That was really great.

After that though, it’s been downhill all the way with Charlotte.